Tied for pleasure

Posted on: 2011-08-15 08:09

If a lady wants you to get tied up in exchange of total pleasure, would you do it and allow her? Why not, eh? Well this man didn?t hesitate to do so and immediately allow the lady to tie him up on the bed without any clothes on his body.

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Afterwards, the long wait has finally arrived. The lady, who has really big tits, then began holding his cock for a handjob. She continuously masturbates his cock till she?s not satisfied. She then thought of inserting his wang inside her pussy while he?s tied. She?s the one who?s pumping it up and down and so you could also see her tits bounce up and down as she pumps. When she knew he?s about to cum, she then sat on his stomach and continued giving him a handjob.

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