Cock massage by lady

Posted on: 2011-08-26 10:33

Wouldn?t you get excited if a sexy lady is willing to help you masturbate your cock? Well then here?s a masseuse who?s very willing to do such job for extra pay, that is. What we have here now is also a man who calls for her in his hunger for masturbation.

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He doesn?t want to masturbate his cock alone as that would seem very humiliating, so hiring someone to do it is his only option. As the masseuse arrives, the man is already on his bed, lying nakedly. She then immediately took off her clothes and left only her panty on her body. She seems to be having fun massaging his cock. She even rubs her pussy on his cock so as to make his cock even mad and hard. She?s sure that in no time, his cock will explode its entire cum.

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