Masseuse works cock

Posted on: 2011-09-16 11:03

Who wouldn?t be happy seeing a wild and game masseuse beside you? The feeling of happiness becomes ecstasy as this happens, and you can definitely see such feeling with this man?s face? or with his cock, rather? This masseuse has always been his masseuse and he definitely missed her a lot. And so, now it?s time that the masseuse shows her new skills in extracting his cum.

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The man is already lying nakedly on his bed when she came in. And without further ado, the masseuse immediately held his cock. She?s quiet at first, but seeing his cock hardens slowly as she strokes it makes her happy. She knows that he, too, is happy seeing her stroke his cock once more. She?s lying beside this naked man, smiling and looking sneakily wild while doing that wanted handjob.

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