Boss offers footjob

Posted on: 2011-09-23 10:32

One wrong mistake in a company run by a domineering lady boss would surely put you in total punishment. So if you don?t want to be like the guy we have here, who?s punished by humiliation, you better do your job fast and great. Well, if you think this kind of punishment is more of pleasure for you than humiliation, then perhaps you?d do mistakes every now and then.

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The chubby lady boss with huge tits then asks her employee to put his pants down and lie on the lounge chair. The man did what is asked of him, and the lady boss started putting oil on his cock. The man admitted that he never expected something like this will happen. He must remember though that he is not being pleasured here, rather, he?s being humiliated; since, for the lady boss, stroking cocks with the use of feet is very much humiliating. Then again, the man, of course, can?t help but be teased by such footjob punishment.

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