Handjob or detention

Posted on: 2011-10-21 09:16

Distracting the whole class while the teacher is having her lesson would surely put you in detention. Well perhaps that?s already an ?old school? type of punishment someone could receive because nowadays, teachers are doing something far better yet far more painful and humiliating than just being in detention.

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Check out this man as he suffers from the hands of a very mean and wicked teacher. After class, he is asked to stay so he could be punished for disturbing her entire class. She asked him to take off his pants and sit on the table. The man isn?t comfortable with it, but he shouldn?t have distracted her in the first place. Then again, he obeyed her. She started masturbating his cock, which definitely pleasures the man. The man thinks that such punishment shouldn?t be called a punishment after all then. However, just as when he?s about to cum, the professor then stops giving him a handjob! Now that?s when the real punishment comes. The teacher locked his hands on his back so he cannot continue masturbating his cock!

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