Secretary gone wild

Posted on: 2011-10-31 07:13

In the office, it?s not only lady bosses who get wild and domineering; even secretaries too can be totally wild and demanding. Here?s a very sexy and big titted secretary who proves that secretaries too should be respected and can as well do what lady bosses can.

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Now when a man is about to enter the real boss? room, she immediately obstructs in his way as she is already feeling really horny. She asked the man to lie on her desk with his pants down so she can quickly grab his cock. The man followed anyway, and perhaps he?s also feeling so horny. The domina then goes on top of the desk as well and how she sits reveals her pink panty and also her real huge tits. Her big tits seem to pop out from her blazer as it is that big and it?s sure to lure the man. After only a few minutes of jerking, the man asked the secretary if he could already cum but the secretary denies his permission. Instead, she wants him to ask her to continue jerking. He?d really want to extract his cum already, but the secretary told him not to tell her what to do.

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