Offender is punished

Posted on: 2011-11-04 12:31

When in prison, don?t ever try to escape from your lady warden; because if you do, you?re sure as hell bound to suffer. Well, actually it depends on a kind of lady warden. Because what we have here is a warden who gave her prisoner a not-so painful punishment. Actually, it?s rather more pleasurable on the offender?s part.

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When the prisoner tried to escape, the lady warden caught him once again, and this time, brutally demanding him to go back in his cell and go naked. When he is already laid on his bed, the lady warden then sat on his legs and started masturbating his cock. It?s somewhat pleasurable not until she started to hold it real tight! Well at least there?s a lady who would masturbate his cock in prison.

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