Old man gets handjob

Posted on: 2011-12-02 09:30

Seeing big tits in front of you would surely harden your cock and make you feel really horny in a jiffy. This is exactly what happens to this man, when a lady exposed her huge boobies right in front of him. Lucky, eh? Well he really is, more so that he even gets a handjob from the lady.

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If you envy this man, well you gotta see more of it and make yourself feel envier. The lady takes her top off and let the man see how big her tits are. She even lets him rub them and lick them and feel how soft those are. Afterwards, she then asks him to take her pants off for masturbation. It is not surprising that his cock is already hard when he removed his pants! Now that would be easy for this lady to jerk him off and extract his cum out.

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