Pure handjob is done

Posted on: 2011-12-16 04:32

Any lady, wild or not, who would masturbate a man?s cock willingly should already be enough. Men shouldn?t be choosy if there?s already a willing lady who would want to masturbate his cock. After all, we can?t deny the fact that men always need women for pleasure and satisfaction.

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Now what we have here isn?t really the ?dream? lady for men. She?s not wild, she?s just quiet and may be a little boring, yet she could definitely bring this man to orgasm. She doesn?t talk and she?s just simply seated on the man?s stomach as she masturbates his cock. The man also doesn?t talk nor moan like as if he?s not getting any pleasure from her. Then again, due to continuous stroking of his cock, giving him pure handjob and nothing more, this man is sure to explode his cum in few minutes.

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