Masseuse on top

Posted on: 2012-01-04 09:33

It seems like a boring handjob day for this masseuse as she does her job on this man?s cock. It?s quiet like no one?s talking, but perhaps it?s just this masseuse?s tactic of focusing on her job. Besides, being focused on handjob session would surely make the man reach orgasm and cum quickly; and that, in return, would give her extra income.

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The man is lying on the bed without any clothes on; however, the masseuse has her clothes on the whole time, but that doesn?t hinder the man from being teased. She then sits on his stomach with her ass faced on his head and her body facing his cock for easy grip. She then began masturbating him, stroking his shaft up and down slowly but surely. In a few minutes or perhaps in seconds, this man would have his cum all extracted out.

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