Man asks for handjob

Posted on: 2012-01-23 09:50

You know you can?t just be given a handjob instantly without something in return of the favor. Now if you ever want to receive one, you should also know how to pleasure a woman. Take for example this man, who pleasures domina?s tits and even got himself even hornier.

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It is not only the domina who?s pleasured by having her big tits licked; the man is also having himself pleasured by doing it. And by that, you know he got his cock hardened even more. This is exactly what this domme wants to happen so she would only have to finish masturbating his cock swiftly and extract his cum faster. So after a few licks around her pink nipples and big tits, she then began masturbating his cock. The man is entirely naked as she handjobs his cock, while she is topless so as to let the man see her big tits and even get more teased. In no time, you would be able to see how this man shoots out all his cum.

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