Masseuse on the bed

Posted on: 2012-02-03 10:32

Seeing lady undress in front of you would surely make you go crazy and definitely make your cock hard. Whether you are able to feel her body, lick her body or just simply look at her body, your cock is sure to respond by hardening itself. That?s indeed what this client felt during the time with his hired masseuse.

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When the masseuse arrived, the man is already lying nakedly on the bed. The masseuse is known for being able to shoot a man?s load real quick and she makes use of her watch to time it. But before she strokes his cock, what this masseuse does is to tease him. She moves her real big tits close to his face and even rubs his body with it. After seeing that his cock is already hardened, she then started spitting on his cock so it would be slippery and much easier to stroke. Then there goes the time! She started stroking it real fast, up and down until all cum is extracted!

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