Class handjob demo

Posted on: 2012-02-28 05:54

Do not ever interrupt a dominating teacher?s class or you?ll regret it for a lifetime. Well if you don?t believe us, why not just watch this video and see for yourself. This man is a bully and the professor obviously didn?t like it. So after class, this man is asked to stay to receive his punishment.

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Before anything else, the teacher asked him to kiss and lick her feet and legs. Next thing she wants is for him to remove his pants down and sit on the table. He is given a handjob, which he thinks is favorable for him as a punishment. As time passes, the man feels so pleasured and relaxed that it seems like he is going to explode in any minute. Then again, just when he is about to explode, the mistress knew it and she immediately stopped stroking his cock. The man is very upset and he can feel so much pain inside him. The professor is obviously successful in doing such kind of punishment. He wants to continue masturbating himself, but the professor is holding him back.

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