Office cock pleasure

Posted on: 2012-03-07 05:00

Lady bosses have every control in an office. They can get what they want even without working hard for it. They can ask anything from you without you complaining. This is also the case of this mean and horny lady boss, who wants to have her armpits fucked by her employee?s cock.

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As much as the employee wants to fuck her pussy instead, the lady boss really wants to get her armpits fucked. The employee is naked after being demanded by the boss and the lady boss is seated down as she?s ready to hold his cock. She first gives him a handjob to harden his cock easily so when he fucks her armpits it would be easy for him to explode his cum. Then there goes his cock between her armpits! He pumps and pumps and surprisingly explodes in an instant. Every squirt of his cum goes straight to the lady boss? legs.

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