Black gets a blowjob

Posted on: 2012-03-19 07:32

Whenever you feel horny and feel like masturbating but you don?t have someone to be with on that very moment, then there?s no easier way than calling for a private masseuse. This is indeed what this black man did, and you can see from the start till the end of this video that he liked it a lot.

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The available masseuse who knocked on his door wants some more excitement before she does her job. She wants to have her feet and toes licked first by the man, and without any hesitations, the ebony man followed. Her feet taste sweet, but it seems like the man?s cock is even sweeter. After licking her toes, she then did what she has promised and that?s bringing him to orgasm. She grabs on his cock not by her hand, but by her mouth. She indeed gave it a blowjob and it looks like she?s so eager that she won?t stop until all his cum is extracted out.

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