Hot Girlfriend Tortures A Cock With Her Wild Strokes

Posted on: 2012-04-06 09:27

Naked, his wrist tightly shackled and bound to the bed, with his placid cock exposed to a bitter girlfriend that just learned that his been cheating on her for so long time now and that he just dated her because shes the daughter of his boss. Unfortunately this guy finds himself at the mercy of his angry spoiled brat girlfriend, who would love nothing more than to twist his cock off his body.

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This poor mans cock is subjected to a mock and torture jerk off. This livid babe would walk away from his erect prick, stroke it super tight and fast with her cruel hands, and squeeze the hell out of his tender ball sac ... what an agonizing experience. This dudes cock is totally helpless. Forcefully he shoots his cum out of the head of his maltreated cock.

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