Cock massage on bed

Posted on: 2012-04-10 11:35

No matter how a masseuse massages cock, a cock massage is a cock massage and men are guaranteed to have some pleasure with it. Take for example this masseuse. She looks so boring and doesn?t even speak or act teasingly, yet the man seems pleasured every time she strokes his cock.

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Men would rather choose to have masseuses with huge tits and masseuses who are wild, right? Well what we have here is the total opposite of such. She doesn?t seem to have huge tits as others do and you can?t actually see it because she?s still wearing her top. She also doesn?t act wildly or teasingly but rather, she?s just seated on the man?s stomach. All she does is pure handjob. Well perhaps she?s focusing on her job, eh? Whatever the case is, the most important thing for this man is for her to make sure he?ll reach orgasm.

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