Handjob in class

Posted on: 2012-04-24 14:42

One wrong mistake in class is equivalent to a certain punishment? punishment that could be easy or very hard. As for the case of a horny student, who did something very malicious to his equally horny professor, the punishment is a combination of both hard yet pleasurable sentence. And since such act is done in the classroom, it is better to have the punishment in the same place.

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After a short confrontation, man then began experiencing such coveted punishment. He is asked to sit on the table and to remove his pants down so his professor could start immediately. She then pours lubricant on her hand and right away, she grabs his balls. First, she holds the balls real tight as she talks right in front of his face. But as time passes by, she then holds the cock gently and delicately, stroking it up and down. Both of them seem to be having fun and pleasure. And if this is how every horny man, who?s distracting her class, would be punished, then perhaps all the men would intentionally distract her class.

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