Man gets a handjob

Posted on: 2012-05-02 06:57

When a man longs for a handjob, he would surely do anything and everything to get it done. This is exactly what this man did when he felt that horniness and now he has hired a private masseuse to do it for him. The thing is, he doesn?t have any idea who?s he dealing with.

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The man waited for the masseuse to arrive in his room while he?s already lying nakedly on his bed. The masseuse then arrives in her very short shorts and in her bra. When she started masturbating his cock, she removes her bra so the man would be teased. His cock starts to elongate real hard like it?s about to explode its cum any minute. But when the masseuse knew that he?s about to explode, she then stopped, leaving the man in total pain. Still, he?s able to extract his cum out but obviously, the masseuse has already ruined his orgasm.

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