Lady's feet at work

Posted on: 2012-07-05 23:00

While some men are turned off over women who are overly vain, others like such ladies a lot. What we have here is indeed a man who belongs to the latter group of men. He likes vain ladies even if it means a divided attention between him and the lady?s face.

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Now what this man wants is pleasure for his cock. The vain lady is able to bring him that anyway, but not in the case where she?s concentrated on it. At first, she asked the man to lick her feet and promised to give his cock some pleasure right after. Indeed, following that feet licking session, the lady gives him a nice footjob. She doesn?t want to use her hands as both of which are busy retouching make-up on her face. As a matter of fact, while she?s giving a footjob, she is holding a mirror on one of her hands and she?s using her other hand to put lipstick on. She is still able to extract the man?s cum anyway, but she?s disgusted as it exploded on her feet.

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