Huge cock handjob

Posted on: 2012-07-15 23:20

If you have a horny wife, it?s either you?ll feel lucky or scared? scared that she may want to have a fuck every now and then or perhaps even scared that she might seek for another man in any case you?re not around. Now this is exactly what this horny wife did and she called in her very young neighbor as an alternative to her old boring husband.

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As her husband called her to say that he won?t be around during the night, this horny wife immediately looked for another man to be with and to satisfy her horniness. She then called in Joshua, her young yet tall neighbor, to do the job. Surprisingly though, this young man wants to experience such with her. And so even if the sun hasn?t set yet, this mistress already conditions Joshua?s cock. She grabs it and gives it a handjob. She?s so amaze about his cock since it?s really huge and it seems like she has never seen something like it before. She then continues giving it a handjob as it pleasures her much as well.

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