Quick cock pleasure

Posted on: 2012-07-30 00:10

Mistresses have always been like that? dominating men and giving them pleasure unless men do something for them. How can a horny man resist such pleasure anyway when it means he would be reaching orgasm? And how can he resist when what the mistress wants is to have her tits licked?

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The mistress got her top removed, exposing her real big tits. It?s so soft and really huge that the man wanted to kiss, feel and suck it! Good thing he need not beg to do it because the mistress wants him to suck her tits. She wanted to get some pleasure through sucking her tits and feeling and squeezing them. After which, she then gave the man a bonus in return of the favor. She asked him to pull his pants down so she could give him a handjob. She continuously masturbates his cock until he reaches orgasm so both of them experiences equal pleasure.

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