Big titted masseuse

Posted on: 2012-08-06 09:39

Who wouldn?t get teased if a big titted lady is just right beside you? And, who wouldn?t cum real quick if that very sexy lady is masturbating your cock? Well what we have here is definitely one lucky man who?s indeed very fortunate to have a big titted lady beside him, all naked and stroking his cock.

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Both the man and the lady are nakedly lying on the bed. Actually, the lady faces her but on the man?s cock so he?d be teased more and perhaps even imagines that he?s giving her a doggystyle of fuck. She?s stroking his cock real nice that any man who?s in his position would cum quick. However, it seems like this man wants more of her and so the only way to make her stay longer is to resist exploding his cum. He even plays the lady?s tits, which all the more made him feel so horny.

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