Cock gets a footjob

Posted on: 2012-08-12 23:22

Some ladies can?t help but look and feel beautiful every time. No matter what they?re doing, some can?t help but look at themselves in the mirror. This is exactly what this domina is doing but as she satisfies her vanity, she also satisfies a man by giving his cock a footjob.

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Childish as this domina may seem, the man is still getting some pleasure anyway. The domina puts oil on his cock and gives it a quick handjob. Afterwards, she then rest her back, held a mirror and positioned the cock in between her feet. Now she?s all set to give the man a pleasurable footjob. As she does it, she also makes sure to keep herself pretty and you can see her looking at the mirror time and again. She then decided to give the man?s cock a fast footjob and so, after a few minutes, it?s cum is extracted out and is scattered all over her feet. She says it?s gross but you know she had fun anyway.

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