Masseuse's extra job

Posted on: 2012-08-20 00:19

Be careful when you hire a masseuse for extra job because not all is willing to give you what you want. Some may pretend they could give you cock pleasure just to get the payment they want, but as soon as they got a hold of your money, you?ll end up suffering due to a ruined orgasm.

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This is exactly the case of this man, who?s so horny that he even has to go to a massage parlor just for orgasm. When the masseuse arrived at the room, he stumbled upon a naked man lying on the massage table. Now she knew what this man has in mind. She then started holding his cock and even tells him that she likes to ruin boys? orgasms. This man should be nervous by that then. He can?t help but be totally pleasured as the masseuse continues to handjob his cock; but, like she said, in the end, his orgasm will only be ruined.

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