Laid on boss' desk

Posted on: 2012-09-23 23:42

Bosses may seem relaxed in the office as they let their workers work, but what we have here is a different case. This lady boss is not the type who would just sit and wait for progress. She wants something to do in every minute even if it is already out of the work scope and only for her pleasure.

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Her hands are itchy to do something and just as when a messenger arrives, she thought of an idea of masturbating his cock. Of course, the messenger shouldn?t say no or else he would be fired. Besides, it?s the lady boss who would have his cock masturbated, who is he to reject it? And so the masturbation session happens in her office. She lets the man lie on her desk while she is seated. She began stroking his cock and she won?t stop till she makes him explode.

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